Saturday, March 03, 2007

One more Jonny picture

Esther and Jon were going to come over at noon today, but arrived a little early because Jon threw up all over the backseat of the car. He also threw up once in the apartment, but Esther expertly caught the vomit in a diaper. They stayed awhile to do laundry, and despite feeling warm and the vomiting, Jon was in great spirits, roaming around the apartment exploring. He also begs to play on the bed. He stands up in bed, all wide-legged unsure stance, and waits for me to push him over. Sometimes he pushes with his legs and dives into the mattress. I put pillows up for cushion, and he loves it.

This picture was taken playing peek-a-boo. I love the smile, his stance, the colorful pillow, and the way the harsh winter light reflects off his face.

This semester's visit schedule with Jon is a lot like last sememster. I visit him regularly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for about 3-4 hours. This gives Esther a chance to do chores around the house or run errands. I also visit on Fridays, but not as regularly. At least every other weekend I spend 3-5 hours each day with them, but lately its been every weekend because they have been around.

In May I plan to spend a couple days each week taking care of Jon alone while Esther is at work. What is easy, old hat instinct for Esther will be a difficult challenge for me. I have never spent more than a couple hours alone with him. He is still so dependent on his mother, and he freaks out if she goes to the bathroom alone. It will be an adjustment for all of us. But he is moving to the toddler room at the daycare by the end of the month, so when May rolls around he'll be used to being apart from his mother during the time of day I'll care for him.

Up-to-the-minute update: Esther called as I was writing this post and said when she and Jon got back home he had diarrhea up to his neck, and it got all over his clothes, coat, and the car seat, all items that had just been washed. Babies are a messy business. I wonder if I have the fortitude to wipe off a body covered in puke or poop. All I can do is breathe through my mouth and hope I don't gag from the sight.

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