Friday, March 02, 2007

All things bald and beautiful

I haven't had my camera for a few weeks because I left it my parent's house, but got it back last night when they came down to see me teach. I like this picture because it is one of the few of the three of us together. We are STILL family, despite divorce. No judge can break the bonds of blood, love, and mutual respect. Jon is losing the baby fat, as evidenced by this photo. He still has very grabbable cheeks, but his arms and legs no longer look like the Michalin Man. This is a lousy shot of me, but the most recent of Jon and I.

Jonny's an eager little stair climber. Esther stands behind him because he has this dangerous habit of standing up to look around. Could there be a little bit of the mountaineer spirit in the lad?

Yawning boy!

This is one of the best pictures of Esther. And Jon looks peaceful and rested after his nap.

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