Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Trail update

Greetings again, this time from Sabino Canyon, just north of Tucson. I wussed out and rented a car to go for day hikes and car camp in the lowlands rather than deal with the cold, snow and difficult route finding. Since I rented the car, I've done a bunch of cool day hikes and tourist-y things, like shop on 4th Avenue in Tucson and go to Biosphere 2.

I just drove a winding mountain road to about 9,000 feet at Summerhaven to pick up a mail drop I sent there. With that and a visit to Trader Joe's, I'm set for food for the rest of the way out. Plans are to hike sections of the Arizona Trail as I head north to the Grand Canyon for a Sunday rendezvous with friend Michael Schramm and his wife, Brittany, whom I've never met. They are having their first baby in April. My tentative plans are to hike a section of the Tonto Trail and then make my way back to Tucson and try to catch a flight home on the 11th.

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Benson Burner said...

the title of your post is "Trail photos," but I can't find them?! I'm glad to read you're having a nice time out there.