Friday, January 26, 2007

Sad baby!

Jon was in a bad mood last night. According to Esther, he has not been sleeping well lately because he is cutting two new teeth (to bring the grand total to 11). And when Jon doesn't get enough sleep, he gets cranky and demanding. Just like his old man!

Despite the occasional fit, Jon is a very easygoing baby who doesn't stay upset for long. He is so much fun these days. He likes to play hide and seek. He walks around the corner, peeks around until he sees Esther or I, hides, peeks again, then runs, laughing, for a hug.

When he walks, he raises his arms up like a referee signalling a field goal.

He is also very musical. If you drum out a rhythm, he will drum with you, and more often than not keeps time, which is amazing. He also sings along with "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" (not the words, of course, but with 'uhs') and is on pitch more often than not. I bought him a toy xylophone for his birthday. He also has a drum. It is not surprising he is so musical because Esther sings to him all the time. I sing and play guitar. Esther and I were both in band and choir in high school and college. The boy was destined to love music and the outdoors.

Jon also loves books and one of our bedtime rituals is to read to him before bedtime. In the last two weeks, he's been able to identify objects in the book and around him. For example, if there's a ball in the book, I say, "Where's the ball?" He points to the ball in the book and then looks around for an actual ball. When he finds it, he says "guh" and points to it. He does the same thing with frogs, da da (me), ma ma, bird, and dog. When he points out a dog, he makes little guttural barking noises. Too cute.

I remember before Jon was born I hoped the pregnancy would go well without complications. Later, I hoped he wouldn't have any cognitive or physical difficulties. I also hoped he wouldn't be too colicky. So far, despite his tearful ways at times, all of my worries are for naught. Of course, my views are biased, but Jon is an awesome, beautiful little boy, and everything I could have hoped for in a son.

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