Friday, January 26, 2007


I found a gray hooded pullover sweat jacket during my week of junk sifting at the end of July last year. It has this panda on the front and "enjoi" on the back. It is so warm and now smells strongly of wood smoke from my recent trip. It has inspired more random contacts with strangers than any other piece of clothing I've ever worn except my thong Speedos.

The lady at the restaurant said the sweatshirt was a logo for her sister's sorority, the guy at the video store said "enjoi" is a punk/skateboard outfit. The woman in Flagstaff said it was some underground graffiti movement in Los Angeles. Another said it was an alternative advertisement for the Panda Express Asian food chain. I never thought this junk treasure would be such a conversation starter.

It turns out the guy at the video store is right. I did a Google search back in November and nothing turned up. I must have misspelled "enjoi." Something is lost now that the mystery is solved. I feel as wistful as the panda looks.

There's still no explanation, though, for the Speedos!

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