Monday, November 13, 2006


I've been super busy lately, hence the lack of posts.

Well... not super busy. I don't live like that. Maybe preoccupied is the word. Distracted. My attention's spread thin. Throw in a little seasonal and situational depression for good measure.

Gray, cold days ahead. Long, cold, lonely winter. Not so cold, though, after I fly to Tucson.

School is well. Many mini-projects, lessons, grading, etc. to be done, but I feel on top of things and capable. Of course, because of my upcoming trip, I am working extra hard now to make sure I have everything in order so I can just jet out of town. And then there are the logistics of the trip. I still have to put together food resupplies and get them mailed out, buy the maps, and get together with Dave Thanksgiving weekend to go over all the vagaries of his Global Positioning Satellite reader.

Why GPS? Because many parts of the Arizona Trail are not trail. I still don't need it because I know how to use a map and compass, but the GPS will save me time and guesswork. No need to adjust for magnetic declination.

The goal of the trip is to get as far away from civilization as possible. Being on the trail is one way to achieve this. Another is to spend as little time in town. I am doing this trip on the cheap (my grad school stipend doesn't go far) and plan to spend less than $100. Should I throw my hat over the fence and just bring the cash and identification, and leave the credit/debit cards at home? What would I do in an emergency? Phone home? Western Union?

More later....

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