Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New poem

I wrote this poem for a class, but had written about the incident it's based on in journal form a few years back. I was the first on the scene of an accident along I-90 when I was a reporter for the Beloit Daily News. I was coming back from my daily trip to the Rock County Courthouse in Janesville when my boss called and said there'd been an accident. I was there moments afterwards and beat the rescue, fire, and police crews. I saw the dead man, saw his dead gaze upon the lit up can of chili. Every time I drive by that spot I think of him, and think how indiscriminate death is, how tenuous life is, and how the smallest of decisions, such as not wearing a seatbelt, can kill you.

Post Mortem

He died on the median
His eyes open
His last vision
A lit up can of chili

Hormel (with beans)
With a red-lit frame that
Lightens on a track
Builds to red and recedes
To black

Life and color still
In his eyes
His skin
Gapers slow to see
A Hispanic face
A wisp of a mustache

Broken and bloodless
Thrown on impact
An overturned truck
So...far... away.
Bleeds fumes and waves

The workers talk
And smoke
The flares go out
Traffic unsnarls
Shards swept up
The ambulance drives away slow

And the red-lit frame
Builds and recedes
Hormel chili (with beans)


Shawn R. said...

Your porem doen't have a meter. Does it qualify as poetry or just some prose or even babble?

Shawn R. said...

Your poem I mean, not your porem.

greg said...

My poem isn't a taxi cab. It qualifies for AARP benefits.