Monday, September 11, 2006

Horse farm abuses

I wrote an article in 2001 about Sharon Wolfersheim and alleged abuses on her horse farm. I got an e-mail today from someone who works at another horse farm who somehow found out about this article from my blog and gave me an update on the infamous Wolfersheim.

Here is some text from the e-mail. The writer and who they are associated with remain anonymous, pending consent.

"She[Wolfersheim] is in the news again.

I was looking for information because Ms Wolfersheim is parading around the Internet as a "horse rescuer". I had seen her place back in 2001 (even signed a petition to testify against her) but nothing happened other then her $100 fine. I was hoping maybe you had some of the information/articles online and or had some connections to get this out in the news again. She is one bad apple who nobody seems willing to stop."

Here is a link to my original article:

Horse lovers have very little legal recourse for alleged abuses because so few laws protect the treatment of livestock. This reminds me of a quote:

“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
Immanuel Kant (German Philosopher, one of the foremost thinkers of the Enlightenment. 1724-1804)

I hope Ms. Wolfersheim is stopped, but doubtful she will be. I remember the day I visited her farm and saw horse carcasses in a pit, and live horses standing, skinny, skeletal, their haunches nothing but bone and skin. And how the people at the Humane Society said there was nothing they could do...

I love animal by staying out of their way and doing no harm. I don't believe in anthropomorphization. I don't necessarily believe in animal rights. Livestock is a commodity, but needs to be treated humanely. We've got it so ass-backwards. Our pets get better care than most people. We spend more on animal health care in this country than is spent on people health care in the majority of other countries. I stock cat breath fresheners at Jewel.

But we give no regard to the care of the food we eat. It's just tasty cuts wrapped in plastic. No thought is given to its origins. And I'm just as guilty as the next carnivore.


Anonymous said...

reguarding Ms. Wolfersheim she is now in Ozark IL still has horses and i have seen one of them skinny and hooves were in real bad shape ironically she is a farrier here she offered to trim my horse's hooves for 20.00 after seeing her horse i quickly refused her sevices.

Anonymous said...

After seeing Lori Hurst colt I called the humane society on her!
Weeks and he is as thin as she got him. Post an name Lori!
Jan who believes what she sees and not anonymous garbage.

Anonymous said...

She needs to be charged with animal abuse and child abuse. She has a little girl she puts on the unbroke horses. The child does not attend school and works herself to the bone trying to take care of them while her mother does nothing. This woman is evil!!! News 3 has been investigating but we need help getting something to happen...

Anonymous said...

Reguarding Wolfersheim, She has ben visited by the johnson county sheriffs office over 15 times in 3 months. They won't do much other than a few citations. Recently her horses got out and one got hit on US route 45. It was terrible. One week later a different horse died in her front yard and it laid there for 7 days. News channel 3 (marion Il.) came there and reported the scene. Again very gruesome. About two years ago we had some major flooding, the local fire department had to come because the horses were tied to trees where the creek came up and they alomost drowned. Much to your suprise, a very sad sad scene. She currently has 7 horses in a round pen not much bigger than a typical merry go round. Thats where the live, eat,(very little though) drink, and roam. I welcome anyone to come to Mckinley ln in ozark Il to see this horrible display of human disgrace toward animals. All 4 neighbors that surround her 3 acre ranch (15-20 horses, 4-8 goats, around 50 chickens) have contacted the local authorities with regard to animals at large. Shes been doing this for over 20 years according to her record.

Anonymous said...

I no exactly where this lady is at and would like to see her stopped asap, please contact me at I'm also on facebook and myspace these anilmals are suffering horribly and she won't quit until everyone of them are dead and then she'll get more she is not anywhere near a rescuere as she portrays but an exucutionor and it's a shame she was allowed to even have a child for that child suffers also. Please lets get her stopped I'm willing to help anyway i can god bless

Anonymous said...

I live next door to this women. The little girl now has a child of her own and they both live with Sharon. Also the boyfriend of the little girl and Sharon has a boyfiend as well. Just last week I had to call the police on them because my ten year old was missing for two hours, only to be found inside the home of Sharon Wolfersheim alone with the man living with her. They still have horses standing in thier own manure and they dont even have running water!!