Saturday, August 26, 2006

Swimming thoughts

Don't know what I want to write about. Me head's swimming with random thoughts.

At my parent's

Dad said I can borrow his truck as long as I want

No need to carpool for my teaching observation in Rockford
Good because my grand carpool plan backfired
At ILAS 301 orientation only a handful of people are assigned to my school and none of them live in DeKalb

Worked two double shifts this week
8 hours overnight at Jewel Monday and Tuesday night
Grad assistant orientation from 9-4 Monday through Friday
Draggin' major ass Wednesday afternoon
But new availability hours kick in now
that shouldn't happen anymore

Lots of new beginnings this week
Momentous, really
New friends gained

lost (tears and flapdoodle, sighs, campus ghosts)

Drunken phone call from a REALLY old friend

Don't know why I'm writing without punctuation

SO Booyeah pumped about teaching First Year Composition to 26 unwitting freshman
The focus of the class is on pop culture
I'm no guru, but I keep a slight tab on hipness
I am my own hipster
What I'm into is the latest, coolest thing
Or it's retro chic
Or I can listen, watch, learn from them about pop culture
Avoid too many 80s references, or to the grunge rock of the early 90s
that was the last time I felt current
anachronist anarchist
Dead Kennedys? The furrows in David Johanson's jowels?

I have a key to Reavis Hall and its classrooms (except computer labs)
Mwu ha ha

Positive feedback on my mini-lesson
"Your students are going to LOVE you!" -- Alissa

I sang the New Milford Refrigeration theme song

"Call 398-C-O-L-D, 398- (hushed whisper) "Cold!"

sing the body electric
see, anachrone? (70s reference, even, a backlit fro)

Getting to know new English friends...
Did I talk too much?
Make too many hiking references? (Shhh shhh don't let them know how obeessive you are about getting outside) (that's, like, weird and stuff)
Did I try to show off my intellectual prowess? Which, in trying, is doubt of its existence?
No pissing duels.
Thankfully, no one seems like that
Mostly, they are really chill
even the odd ones

'course I'm an all-accepting Walt Whitman conduit of human experience
Avoid no one and treat the beggar and king equally
Actually, I'm a little biased
Always take the underdog's side

Settled into my new place (pictures soon)
Soooo quiet compared to Country Acres
Central air hum
refrigerator drip and tick
Tune in radio for companionship

But there are people in my life
and Jon
who bangs on everything and tries to dismantle my face
who said "da da" for the first time last Friday
Friday, Aug. 18
Hell day
I won't go into details
Let's just say "da da" saved me
brought me back from the dark hole I'd sunk into

Through English department and semi-regular visits to Annex I'm FINALLY making some new DeKalb friends

Old friend Todd visited last Sunday
Man, has he lost weight
He's on a tour of all the disc golf courses in N. Illinois and S. Wisconsin
We played at Prairie Park
He finished one game a couple strokes below par
He carries an extra outfit for wading in the river to find discs

Used to be a visit from Todd meant getting wasted
Now he's a health nut

Todd's still loud, brash
Jon loves him
gives him a furrowed brow look
but ultimately smiles in approval at my bald friend's antics

If I were religious, I would make Todd Jon's godfather
Need a secular, less Brando term
sports guru?

Okay. Mentor works.
Let's have an official mentor ceremony/barbecue.

Next week I begin a new workout regimen
a return to running
even weightlifting
the rec center has new equipment

Lately, my exercise regimen's informal
Walk or ride my bike at least an hour a day
Go for a more strenuous ride/hike at least once a week

My formal workout plan is simple
M-W-F-Sa run at least an hour, with a long run of at least 10 miles once a week
T-Th lift weights
Goin' for the six pack abs

Got a lot of things going for me initially
Don't smoke
Don't have a problem with alcohol (I usually stop at 1 or 2 drinks, enjoy the pleasant buzz and quietude, no hangovers or sickness)
Am reasonably fit already from informal exercise and stocking shelves
I eat healthy, even though I think I eat too much meat
All organic fruits and veggies

Me love handles are small
But need to go away entirely

That's all
No preening
No body oils
Okay, maybe a little patchouli

Still a hippie at heart
Workouts are a natural high, baby

Right now is the crest of the roller coaster
The clicky clack lift
Trees and houses and water tower vista
Next week whoomph and fall and 70 mph
This ride don't end until December

Wish me luck

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