Thursday, July 27, 2006

Musings on Jon

So far, this is my favorite picture of Jon and I. It was taken July 23 in my parent's back yard. Esther recently gave me a disc with all the pictures of Jon from her camera. Here's a direct link to them:

These pictures chronicle just how much Jon has grown since birth. He went to the doctor Monday and weighs 20 pounds, 5 ounces. He's 27 inches long.

Some notes about Jon at six months:

He has the strength now to crawl, but doesn't want to. He prefers to roll over, but cannot yet control where he goes. He likes to sit or stand, and complains if you lay him down. When he stands he likes to rock back and forth on his feet. He loves his exersaucer, a swivel sit/stand seat with an array of doo-dads to knock around. He rocks that so hard sometimes I think he might tip it over.

I think he's stopped spitting up. He's also discovered object permanence, and is no longer fooled if you replace his favorite toy with something else. He loves a little stufffed dalmation, a yellow and blue knit blanket, and, in the car, his sock monkey. Of course, everything he grabs goes directly to his mouth.

He's an eager eater. Often he eats so fast his eyes water and he coughs. He is slowly getting introduced to solid foods. So far he's eaten rice cereal, carrots, pears, banana, sweet potatoes, and apple sauce. He's easy to feed when he's not grabbing at the spoon, and opens his mouth if you run the spoon on his lower lip.

Jon likes to bang on things. If he isn't trying to eat it he's flailing it. He is a talker, but no words yet. He smiles at every new person and doesn't seem afraid of anybody. Sometimes, when he meets someone he will smile at them and then burrow his face into his chest. At first I thought he wasn't ticklish (like his old man), but now I can tickle him by rubbing under his chin or ribs. He doesn't seem bothered when you tickle the bottoms of his feet.

Jon looks a lot like his mother. Esther has a picture from when she was five months old. When you hold the picture up next to Jonny the resemblance is amazing. Jon, like Esther at that age, has very little hair. He has fuzzy little whorls of wispy blonde hair on his scalp. His hairline comes to a V on is forehead like his namesake Uncle John Larson. But he has my lips, ears, and, I think, nose. The wrinkles on his hands and feet look a lot like mine, as does the shape of his fingernails.

I can tell already Jon is going to explore his world. He wants to check out new things and will focus on new objects for a long time. He has good vision and recognizes familiar faces from across the room.

Jon is a pretty laid back baby. He doesn't mind getting moved around and adapts well to new situations. Esther says, as babies go, Jon is pretty easy to take care of. When he wants something he lets you know, and doesn't fuss or complain for no reason. His moods and cycles are predictable. Often, he wakes up cranky from his afternoon nap and has to be eased into consciousness slowly, cooingly.

He loves and is entranced by music. Esther and I both have "Jonny songs" we sing to either get him to stop crying ot to lull him to sleep. When I play my guitar for him, it absorbs his attention entirely. If we beat out a rhythm he almost always bangs along as best as he can. Esther and I are both musical, so it would be no surprise if Jonny is too.

Esther and I are also both lefthanded. Jon seems to favor his left hand as well.

The cloth diapers have worked out well. Jon has only had diaper rash a couple times, but never that bad. He poops more frequently now that he's eating solid foods, and it smells worse too. Esther uses a diaper service based in Madison, WI, and picks up new diapers at my parent's every couple of weeks.

Jon is a very healthy, happy baby. Esther is a great mother. I see Jon enough that I feel like a significant part of his life. Esther and I get along and are both devoted to Jon's happiness. Life hasn't worked out as planned, but, considering all we've been through, things are going pretty good.

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