Wednesday, July 12, 2006

backpacker news

I heard this story on NPR today about Roman Dial, a backpacker who hiked 600 miles without any food resupply. The piece hailed Dial's achievement as the "longest unsupported backpacking trip ever in North America."

Here's a link to the story:

The longest unsupported distance I've gone is close to 300 miles over 11 days through the High Sierras in 2004 -- over 30 pounds of food! Dial said he could have gone about 70 miles more if he did not carry 3 pounds of camera gear. He said he cheated (sort of) near the end and bartered some of his food for a double cheeseburger during a stop at a village, where his other buddy left the hike, and Dial alone.

For more information about this hike, including a blog and pictures, follow this link:

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