Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On anonymity and another animal encounter

I forgot to mention my most memorable animal encounter of the week... I met Jon and Esther on a Sunday morning after finishing work at Jewel. We met right after work because they were going to Rockford for the day to visit family, so we walked over to the lagoon park nearby on campus. I held Jon cradled sitting up in my arms as a train of about 30 Canadian geese and their goslings swam past in a long train. Jon was mesmerized. He follows objects so well now and even reaches out for anything that's close to him (like my nose).

As for the pitiful anonymous commentator to my blog posts, if you wish your comments to remain permanent on this page, however dastardly they may seem to make me appear, you need to identify yourself. All anonymous posts, positive or no, will be deleted.

It kind of flatters and annoys me that someone takes the time to leave rude comments on my blog page. Flattery because not too many people read this darn thing. Annoyance because they have nothing of substance to add.