Friday, June 30, 2006

okay, I lied

Posting pictures is easy on blogger. It's just that sometimes, even though I follow the rules and compress my images so they're easy to load, it takes forever. And sometimes blogger is down. But this is where I've been the past four years...

Darn-tootinit, I'm staying.

I hope to do a little photo essay soon on Country Acres, the divey rooming house where I live. I cleaned my room this week, top to bottom, dusted even, cleaned out and organized the closet. I have contemplated moving elsewhere to get away from crazy Wade and drunk, loud, negative obnoxio Steve, but now my place is so homey. The real motivating factor is the cost. Rent is cheap. $225 a month.

Compared to other rooming houses I've visited and places I've stayed at in my travels, Country Acres is a pretty clean, quiet house. Wade and Steve excepted, I get along with my neighbors pretty well. Even the drug lords and convicts next door don't bother me. They even invite me to their parties, now that their convinced I'm not a cop. I visit to be cordial, but don't stay long. They're not my people. I don't have any tattoos.

The minefield driveway got a little repaired yesterday as the old man landlord next door at the regally-named Augusta Inn smoked his cheroot and poured kitty litter and sand into the potholes. Of course, he did a half-ass job of it. The potholes are still there, just not as deep. I almost wiped out on my bike riding through the sand/litter mix.

The starlings love the Mulberry tree at the end of the lot. A pair of cardinals live nearby. I put apple cores on the back porch for the squirrels. I often throw the bunch of hair that accumulates every few days in my brush off the back porch. Soon I will look around for birds' nests and check to see if my hair has been incorporated.

I've contacted a few people about sharing a place. It would be nice to have my own kitchen and bathroom. I can afford a better place. But why? I have all the space and amenities I need at Country Acres. Because rooming house life is beneath me? Because I'm worried that one of the many shady characters lurking about may try to break into my room or steal my bike?

There really is no strong, compelling reason for me to move. So I'll probably stay. It saves me the hassle of coming up with the chunk of change (around $1,000) required to put down on a new place and I could probably live month-to-month once my lease expires in August.

It's just that the possibility of living at Country Acres for the next couple years really depresses me. I need to look at this as some kind of penance. I've lost everything. Country Acres is where I hunker down, work hard, get through school, and get my life back in order.

Coming soon...

a photo essay of Country Acres. My home. Near a bend in the river where the weeping willows grow.

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