Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jon's visit to 2203 Maple Avenue

Jon and I visited Grandpa and Grandma Locascio Saturday. Jon was in good spirits almost the entire time. Last time, he was fussy and the only thing that could placate him was swinging around in his car seat.

Some new milestones in Jon's life: he can track an object with his eyes and will follow it across his entire field of vision. He loves peek-a-boo. Infants believe the world ceases to exist when they don't see it, so peek-a-boo provides a wonderful chance for them to discover reality over and over again. Jon is starting to be able to use his arms with purpose. I watched him poke at a mobile for a good 15 minutes as he tried to pinpoint what he was doing to make the objects move. He can coo with the best of them, though his vocabulary is limited to "ah-goo." His neck is getting strong enough to support the weight of his head. At the last weigh-in a couple weeks ago, Jon weighed 13 pounds, 2 ounces. No doubt he's grown since. He's got broken capillaries in his cheeks from them growing so chubby. He puts his right hand in his mouth and sucks on his left thumb. He prefers his hands to a pacifier. He's a very antsy baby, always flailing his arms and legs when he's awake.

Jon is a very easygoing lad. Not the least bit fussy. And very happy. It doesn't take much to make him smile, and when he smiles it makes my day. Esther says he waits his turn patiently to feed at day care and is a darling to the rest of her co-workers. But when Jon wants something he makes it known. He can switch moods just like that. So watch out.

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