Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jon Allen circa six weeks

Only two more weeks of weekly Jonathan Allen pics. After that I'll only post pictures once a month, or whenever he wears a silly costume.

In this photo he is relaxed and cooing on my lap. These gab sessions usually last about 20 minutes before he puts on his angry Buddha face and cries for some other type of attention, but last week on two occasions he was content for a good hour or more. I had to set him down because I was tired of holding him. A first!

Jon Allen continues to grow and fill out (and fill up his diapers). He weighs about 13 pounds now and should continue to see rapid growth the rest of this first year. I see now why proud parents take so many photos of their infants. Each day seems to bring dramatic changes in appearance and ability level.

Whenever I burp him his eyes get really wide. I tried to capture the phenomenon on film, but the resultant shot looked like I was choking him a la Homer and Bart Simpson.

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