Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jon Allen pics from 3 and 4 weeks old

The top two pictures, where Jon is proudly wearing his Green Bay Packers outfit, were taken on Tuesday, Valentine's Day, four weeks after his birthday. The bottom two were taken Feb. 7, three weeks after his birth.

Notice how much he grows from one week to the next? Probably not that apparent, except to his parents and grandparents. At four weeks he went to the doctor and weighed in at 10 pounds, 13 ounces, which means he gained 20 percent of his original birthweight in four weeks. That would be like me gaining 40 pounds in the same time period. Jon is going through some amazing transformations. He already coos and responds to familiar sounds. He cannot lift his head up when placed on his stomach, but he sure tries and succeeds, if only for a couple seconds.

He likes the swing chair and often stares cockeyed off into space when in it. He gets very worked up when its time to feed and even fusses when presented with the breast. Jon is not generally fussy, but is fidgety. He moves his hands and legs and makes funny faces, sticking out his tongue and curling his lips to make an "ooh" sound. I love to sit him on my lap and look at him experiment with his new body parts. He sticks his tongue out at me and makes wheezy blubbering noises. If I sing in a high pitch or imitate his cooing noise, he will often try to repeat it back to me.

When Jon wants to be changed or fed he cries and will cry until he's red in the face, lower lip trembling, and out of breath until he gets taken care of. But his needs -- food, swing, warmth, dry -- are easy to meet and Esther's got a few months grace until he's on his feet and into everything.

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