Friday, December 09, 2005

something fishy?

I heard on an NPR piece earlier this week that over 70 percent of the protein consumed by Cambodians comes from fish.

Here is a link to that story:

I heard this after finishing T.C. Boyle's book, A Friend of the Earth, (follow the link for a review of the book and discussion guide) a futuristic novel in which America has so depleted its environmental resources that the meat of choice most readily available in restaurants is catfish. There's even a funny scene during a never-ceasing monsoon rain where a walking catfish crawls up the leg of Ty Tierwater, the main character in the novel.

Also, a few months ago I heard about this Modadugu Gupta, who won a prize for establishing fish farms in roadside ditches and flood ponds in developing countries like Bangladesh. The people dump their organic waste into the ditches. The fish eat. The people eat the fish. Simple, efficient and effective.

Here's a quote from a USA Today article:

"Modadugu Gupta has spent 30 years creating a cheap and ecologically sustainable system of small-scale fish-farming using abandoned ditches and seasonally flooded fields and water holes smaller than the average swimming pool."

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