Wednesday, December 21, 2005

R2-D2 again? Bleek, splort, whizzle

I'm not the only one to make a connection between Ligeti's Artikulation and R2-D2.

Check out this site. Drew Daniel, its author, offers up a top-ten fave of cool musique concrete. His opening paragraphs give a good layman's idea of the form and some cool examples of it in pop music.


5. Gy├Ârgy Ligeti "Artikulation"[Wergo]
Clocking in at a pop-single-svelte three minutes and forty-five seconds, this piece makes the most out of the dramatic jumpcuts and juxtapositions which tape editing makes possible-- the sudden upswoops, dropouts and hard-panned bursts of sound call to mind Lee Perry, Wassily Kandinsky and R2D2 with equal aplomb. Ligeti's compositional nous means that even when he's chopping up purely electronic source material (sine waves and snerts and blips and blops), he comes up with something strong and at times almost melodic, like an extended run of backwards reverbed birdsong. The bright and twinkly quasi-riff at the two minute, twenty-three second mark just lights me up every time I hear it. A small jewel.

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