Saturday, November 26, 2005

sick, sick, sick!!

You know what's great?

Being set free from the gravitas of self-importance.

Know what else is great?

Dissolution of ego in the slipstream of time.

" " " " "?

I want to lose myself
sink into the cracks in the pavement
and forget my name.
notice the Japanese beetle that bumps against the ceiling light.
the frost creeping tendrils into the earth.
frogs sleeping in the mud beneath the river.
god Non-god bliss and Mexican polka
a funky-colored hat to ooh over and toss to the sky
la la la la la la
musical introspection
always the beat
the sternum rattling bass thunder

Dillard's disintegrating frog
to eat and be eaten and repeat the vicious cycle anew

my blood knows me not
reads not these words
is a hidden blue stranger
with an agenda foreign to my soul

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