Sunday, October 02, 2005

Some original poems

I finished one of my journals about a month ago and, since I have it my bag and want to get some of its contents out of my system, here is some poetry it contains.

"Verbatum transcriptum"

vocal scat nonsense
phonics rattle
echo off the drywall
words fly
uttered into shape
violent form
whose hidden meanings
soar on thermal jets
and glisten in the sun

"mosquito buzz"

There's no surface place
they've not touched
But there may be hidden depths
beneath the surface
under the mantle crust
inaccessible thicknesses
and pressures
pure and shielded
from intrusion, presence

But... then...
an electromagnetic probe
the first debasement
the first measure, scrutiny. quantity
plumbed, a mark on a chart
in wait to be conquered
as frontier

"Basement dreams on a hundred degree day"

Curly hair, the rattle of the dehumidifier
a stack of comics, wood panelling, a recliner
Weird War Stories
the skull of death smiles
has no choice
as tiny soldiers cling to its teeth
sling ropes and pitons
scale into the abyss
of its laughing maw


Rows of arid, withered corn
flash by
as off across the fields
a modern tower
blazes orange
but no smoke
just sunset on steel
over faded green

"Power of One"

Harness the sun with one bite.
Shake loose the fetters of energy.
Improbably normal
what years ago we never knew existed.
Powerful chains of reason
know what is the true
know the desire of our hearts before we do.
We may deny its existence
This passive, tendriled creature
shows us the way in spite of ourselves.

"Lanesboro, MN"

Saturday night
acoustics in the park
bikers, campers, picnic tables
gazebo, bottles of wine
young spirit on guitar
sings energetic, bittersweet
songs to elderly too poor
for anything but free
Babies in strollers
soccer balls, frisbee motion, polite claps
Dreams of stardom


Choctaw revo- revolution
sing song
There is no world peace solution
ding dong
Synthetic at the core
Frenetic to the bone
permabound confusion
sing song