Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Little Louie, circa 22 weeks

Here's the latest ultrasound photo of "Little Louie," taken on Aug. 30. Esther is 23 weeks along and grows bulbous with each passing day. To help decipher the rather Rorschachian ultrasound photo, picture Louie lying on his/her side with an arm raised and hand covering an ear. See the arm and little fingers at the top of the photo? The outline of the head below that? The roundish blob on the left side is his/her stomach.

We've watched the video of the ultrasound three times and, wow, what a thrill it is to see our child move. The imminence of parenthood really hit home when I saw this. "Louie" was very active in the video, kicking those future hiker legs and flailing arms. Monday morning he/she kicked so hard I saw my hand move on Esther's belly.

But the best news from the ultrasound is that the baby is developing on schedule with no complications. Even though the baby's kicking knocks Esther off guard from time to time, she said she feels great. She still rides her bike three miles to work three times a week and spent the weekend canoeing with me on the Rock River. In her typical competitive fashion, Esther's bound and determined to show her Sisu unflappability in pregnancy. We'll see if her determination to see this through without pain medication holds through labor.