Thursday, August 11, 2005

Review of The House commodes

Esther and I hung out with George last night at The House, a cool music club/ coffee house in downtown DeKalb at the NW corner of Lincoln Highway and Third Street, or about a stone's throw from our apartment. We listened to the Fareed Haque trio, which plays every Wednesday and I thought would feature Haque. He was absent, but three unknown NIU music students, no doubt under Haque's tutelage, jammed out on upright bass, electric guitar and alto saxophone.

Esther went to the bathroom and came back with her rating. She gave it 5-stars, the highest rating, because the soap dispenser's an oil and vinegar flask, the kind you see paired together in a wire tray at the salad bar. She also gave kudos to the full-length mirror, the overall cleanliness and a subtle sweet scent emanating from a fragrance dispenser. I visited both men's bathrooms and gave each 3.5 stars. Yes, there are two bathrooms each for men and women, which suggests to me The House, in some past incarnation, was a clothing boutique. One had a collection of Tibetan mandala prints. Another had framed black and white photos of jazz greats, like Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Billie Holliday, all wreathed in smoke. The toilet flusher in both is a button in the center of the lid, and activated with torrential fury. That's a nice touch.

I've gone to some nice restaurants with great atmosphere, presentation, lighting and food, but the 'dining experience' was ruined by a nasty-ass bathroom. The House's commodes are, ahem, an asset to the establishment.