Thursday, August 25, 2005

Paper wins!!

In the first of my weekly polls, nine people voted, and paper won in a landslide, 6-3. Now, come on people. It only takes a second. Vote in the handy dandy Greg Locascio side bar poll. Vote as often as you like!!! Here are the comments from the last poll.

can always use paper as backup TP
08/23/05 6:11:16 PM MST
I hope you're referring to grocery bags. Also, another poll might be: Bags or sacks? Here in Wisconsin we have baggers at the grocery store to load our groceries. In Iowa they are called sackers.
08/19/05 5:44:20 PM MST
plastic is long chains of molocules that never break down no matter what you do to them while paper you can use to poilish you windows and mirrors and the light you fire etc.
08/19/05 1:29:13 PM MST
Plastics get recycled as trash can liners. Paper builds up between the fridge and the wall, in several drawers and in a stack in the back hall.
08/19/05 11:19:34 AM MST