Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm a Guayabera kinda guy

A few weeks ago Esther and I went to a vintage clothing/ thrift shop, Moxie!, in downtown DeKalb, where I found this cool shirt with all these pockets and buttons and funky embroidered patterns on the front and back. I thought I had the coolest, funkiest, most unique shirt in the world!

Then, a couple weekends ago we visited Esther's Aunt Vicky and Uncle Ger. Sunday morning Ger comes down wearing the exact same style of shirt. He told me it is a Guayabera shirt, and is worn at special ceremonies in Belize. I've done some Net research and discovered that this shirt is popular not only in Belize, but the rest of South America.

Check out this link for a short history of the shirt. According to this site, Ernest Hemingway wore this style of shirt when he lived in Cuba. Here's another link to a short Wikipedia article about the Guayabera. Both articles agree that the shirt's origin in the west can be traced to Cuba.