Friday, August 05, 2005

The color, modern-looking photos are from a Rock River trip I took about four weeks ago. These pictures were taken on the east branch of the Rock River. The dam photo is around Theresa, WI. I have since gone back four times and am almost to Watertown, WI. I anticipate finishing the Rock River around the end of October. These are the only digital images I have because the day after these photos were taken I dunked my canoe in Horicon Marsh and got my camera wet. It hasn't been able to power up since.
These older photos I've gotten off the Internet. One is taken near Jefferson, WI, another off the Main Street bridge in Fort Atkinson. I anticipate arriving in these towns sometime before the end of the month. The other bridge shot is from Horicon, WI. I was just there about two weeks ago. The picture with "Watertown Historical Society" in the middle of it is from Mayville, WI, which is shortly after Theresa on the east branch. Click on this link for more classic pictures of the Rock River in Jefferson and Dodge Counties, Wisconsin.

I interviewed with the Rockford Register Star about three weeks ago and they never got back to me. Now I've only got about 17 days before the fall semester of classes resume and I want to find someone to publish my stories about this Rock River adventure. What do I love about being on the river? The river is the lowest place in the landscape, so while you often come to bridges, hear airplanes and get other reminders of civilization like tires, cars, furniture and rolled up carpet, most of the time spent on the water is at a bit of a remove from society. That is a very difficult thing to achieve in northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin. It is a physical and mental challenge to canoe the entire river. There is something about my nature that has to constantly be setting some long-distance travel goal, and for now the Rock and, subsequently, the Fox rivers are my latest goals.