Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DeKalb, Illinois -- This is where I live. I walk by Altgeld Castle, the oldest building at Northern Illinois University, every time I go to class. The city's population is about 43,000 with students and about 20,000 without. I live at 126 Oak St. Apt. 304 near downtown in the Bradt-Milner building, a square white office building with a law office and real estate appraisal service on the first floor and a nursery that grows hastas in the basement. Esther and I have been here since January 4. The Chicago and Northwestern train tracks run about two blocks south of our apartment. An article in the Northern Star, the student newspaper at NIU, said about 80 trains a day pass through town. DeKalb is a very windy, flat place. I think of all the mountains I've climbed and beautiful places I've had the privilege to see and wonder, "How did I end up in DeKalb?"