Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Whoay joey... Two days in a row-e. Full of silliness and lethargy, my body thermostat is going haywire since I started jogging all regular-like. Love the post-jog peace of mind, better than being stoned, relaxed, no paranoia. Will destroy ya.

So, I jogged this morning from my parent's all the way to Sportscore and back. Shorter distance out today because I turned around after 25 minutes instead of 30. Ended up back at the start and had to jog back up the street to finish out my time and catch Esther, the good wife, who always trails behind (short legs, strong will). I'm up to 50-plus minutes a day and loving it. Jogging gives me the same peace of mind and relaxation that I think I get from hiking, though the hiking "high" is more prolonged because the duration of exercise is longer. I'm so proud to fulfill one of my post-hike goals. It gives me a sense of purpose and something to do in these post-thru-hike unemployed times. Jogging is also an easy form of exercise. No need to join a club, no special equipment besides running shoes, and no coordination necessary. Just a willingness to push your pace, get up a fast heart rate and go go go. Ran with my brother Sunday and kept up with him until the end, when he broke out in a sprint for home.

Back to employment, the good wife Sisu/Esther is interviewing for a nanny/living assistance position in Madison that could pay her up to $15 an hour with health and dental benefits, steady hours, weekends off. Selfish bastard me hopes she gets a higher paying job so I can work part-time and focus on the PCT novel I've started, which is building up steam. Jogging, writing, living, drinking, sex, just about anything, I guess, gets easier with repetition, discipline and staying on task. Goldarn-tootinit, ain't I just a good little soldier.

My time is up here. Best go focus on some real writing.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Whew! It's been almost a year since I last wrote in a blog. And the reason why? I read all these articles about how bloggers change the world, and nobody reads my blog. Why? Because I haven't even the basic wherewithal to make the sight interesting because I don't know how to use HTML. What I want are permanent links to my favorite web sites and news and travel resources, photos, artwork. But, no. I haven't the time or inclination. So instead of doing this half-assed journal I just let it be while it moulders here on the world wide web.

My current situation is not much different than a year ago, except now I'm unemployed and living in my parent's basement. Desperate? Hardly. I've got a good excuse for my destitution, having just returned a little over a month ago from a 2,616 mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. You can check out our journals from each day at Trailjournals. We've got about 600 photos and you can also read about our thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2000 and my hike on the Superior Hiking Trail in 2002. Yeah, we only work even-numbered years.

My wife Esther and I are both looking to live and work in Madison, WI, a wonderful progressive/liberal/eco-minded metropolis in central Wisconsin. Rockford's been my hometown since birth, and it will always hold a special place in my heart, but, hey, it's no Madison. It's kind of like a blue collar hick-ish approximation of Madison. But I'm stuck here in Rockford, or, to be more precise, Loves Park, a north Rockford suburb, until work comes through. Esther wants to work in child care, either at a day care or as a nanny. I'm looking to get a full-time technical writing job or work some crappy part-time job while I work on my novel that takes place on the Pacific Crest Trail (which is what I should really be doing right now). So, that's where I'm at. It's a partly cloudy cold November 3, post-bullcrap Republican control of the Senate and House, what kind of crazy country do I live in? Better pundits than I have written ad nauseum (you gotta love Latin and barf) about this election. I'm as woefully removed from the political loop as I am about HTML applications. We'll see if this post is the start of more entries or a continuation of a long pattern of neglect.