Monday, November 10, 2003

Friday night Sisu and I walked to a local bar, Leisure Tyme, and watched a blues band. The bar has the dimensions of a double wide trailer, with an O-shaped bar in the middle and full-length mirrors on both walls. It's a cool effect that allows you to check out the patrons to infinity and beyond. I only go there when they have live music. A lot of seedy characters hang out there. It has the reputation of being a cokehead bar. But they attract some good musical acts, mostly mid-profile blues and jazz tours, and no cover... That's key in this trail-savings era.

I drank wine and vermouth before going to the bar and some Icehouse beers after I got there. Woke up Saturday morning with a mad hangover, though I didn't drink THAT much, and even threw up. Good wine, vermouth and cheap beer = bad news.

Saturday I spent outside doing yard work for Mary, 88, whose husband Ben died two months ago. I kind of feel sorry for Mary, who now lives alone in a semi-rural home. No kids or relatives, but kind neighbors who check in on her. When I went to Ben's funeral I was the youngest one there by a couple decades. I call to check on her every once in a while. She complained that everybody's trying to get her to sell the house and move into a nursing home, but I told her she's doing the right thing staying because she can still get around and her mind's together.

I spent the whole day at her place, cleaned out her gutters, trimmed the hedges and raked leaves. A very peaceful time. Mary invited me in for coffee and she told me how she and Ben met. They grew up in the same small town in Wisconsin, but didn't marry until they were 50 because both took care of their parent's. She said Ben never dated anybody else because he was so shy, but she'd gone out with a few men. "He still waited for me," she said.

Saturday night I took pictures of the lunar eclipse and performed some of my original music at Minglewood, a hippie coffee shop gift store. We're friends with Brian, a guy who makes soap and sells it through the store. There were a bunch of other hippie-vegan-freaky types there, including a couple poet friends of mine, and I was invited on stage again to read some poetry and do a freestyle word jam... Muchos fun...

After my musical performance some drunk guy in a leather jacket came in off the street and said, "I love you motherfucker, yeah!!" He then rushed the stage and gave me a big bear hug before kissing me on the cheek. Ewwww!!! Nasty stubble drunken kiss. He came from the Jerry Seinfeld show at the Coronado Theater. Tried to give me his ticket stub to get back in.

Sunday I raked more leaves and visited family. It was sunny and cool, and a breeze thwarted my efforts to collect every leaf. Guess I'll have to go back to finish the job.

Today there's no school because of Veteran's Day, so I went to Woodman's, got groceries, and watched a DVD, "What About Bob?," a movie I've seen only in bits and pieces over the years, but never in its entirety, until now. Tonight I'm watching the Packers-Eagles Monday Night Football game. Of course, after my bike ride.

I bought chard for the first time today because the lettuce they had for sale looked so brown, wilted and nasty. We'll see how that tastes in a salad with dill, basil, spinach and romaine lettuce.

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