Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Cool, cloudy November morning, but warmer than the last few days. It's foggy and misty. Moist. My hair is extra curly.

Woke up this morning to adrenaline rush of ringing phone. It was my sub caller Carol. I'm working at Auburn High School. I was once friends with a fireman who said in addition to the inherent hazards of fighting a fire, getting startled awake takes years off a fireman's life. A constant feed of adrenaline is bad for the body.

So I deal with some of the same hazards as firefighers, but in a profession not as noble or heralded. There are no monuments in public places to the substitute teacher, though a movie out now, "School of Rock," has a substitute teacher in a leading role.

Esther said there's an opening in the school age room at her center. I think I'll apply for the job. This would allow for a more stable working environment. I'm tired of the on-again off-again nature of the sub gig. I'm just not making enough money. I still have to get a second job, but maybe I'll just sell off my collection of books, comics and records E-bay instead. Maybe all three, and sell plasma to boot. Gotta crunch the finances to pay for the trip. It'd be a trip in itself to work at the same place as Esther. We could ride our bikes to work together.

The Packers lost last night to the Philadelphia Eagles, 17-14, on a last-minute drive by the Eagles. My brother Mike, who wasn't watching the game until the end, cheered loudly when the Eagles scored their last touchdown. I told Mike he was such a contrarian spirit that if Mother Teresa was on the team everybody else was rooting for, he'd root for the opposition, even if Satan was on that team. "Take that back to Calcutta, Mama T."

Hmmm. Contrarian. That's Mike. He goes out of his way to piss people off. Sunday night he wouldn't join Esther, Dad and I eating out for dinner because he didn't want to support anyone who worked on the Sabbath. I told Dad Mike has such a strict code of ethics because it helps keep his life disciplined and gives him a feeling of superiority over others. I respect Mike for standing by his Mormon beliefs. Just don't impose them on me or judge me by their standards.

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