Tuesday, October 14, 2003

On mornings when I’m not called in to work, like yesterday morning (evil, white Spanish Empire disease-spreading Columbus Day) and today (teacher’s institute), and on weekends when I’m home, I play around on my acoustic guitar and write songs. In the last month I’ve written a couple new ones. Here are the lyrics. Someday I may record them and put them out on MP3 for the world to enjoy or revile.

“Barbie Chair”

And you want to be in pictures
And you want to be a star
With good ideas and a bright imagination
The best intentions will take you very far

Chorus: But you sit there in your inflatable Barbie chair

Another loser dreaming in your basement
Alien creature in orbit from afar
Stare in the mirror and pout at your reflection
Stream to the future pulse transit techno bar

As you sit there in your inflatable Barbie Chair

Bridge: You think it’s in you
Blood and sinew (3x)

And you’re so real, so hip and so together
Cool and sincere with all the latest style
You quickly cheer what catches to your fancy
Taste, touch and feel the sensomatic whirl

Can you sit there in your inflatable Barbie chair?

It doesn’t matter, your empty aspirations
Faded and tattered, a billboard in the sky
Forget your baggage, just leave it at the station
Purge all your sadness and move on with a smile

And you sit there in your inflatable Barbie chair

Bridge and outro


There’s a star outside my window
It’s been there a long, long while
It’ll burn a supernova

Chorus: I don’t mind (2x)

Water seeps in secret canyons
Sinking deep beneath the soil
On a path of least resistance

I don’t mind (4x)

If there’s a god up in the heavens
Saving souls to serve her will
She could wear a day-glo jump suit


And just for the sake of continuity, here are the lyrics to the other songs I’ve written in the last year.


Free stand free wheel jump fly through the air
All rocked out with nowhere to go
And plenty of time to spare

Fool’s scam, fool’s gold
only fools follow the dream
Future is past present is gone
Nothing is what it seems

Chorus: Can’t be seen by naked eye
Gone before you recognize
Criticize or ostracize
It will not be satisfied (2x)

Big man big deal don’t matter in the end
All I know is this moment is real and it’s all I can comprehend

Bird on wing, butterfly, fleeting moment so soon
Faded print and passersby, nothing is ever immune


Deek doddle deal doddle boodle de bang
Bip boddle biddy de bay
Rim rockin’ ride in the afternoon
Sunset the end of day

Go so fast, someday I’ll be old
Hair growing outta my ears
Bury me deep in the ground so cold
After I have used up all my years


“So Damn Tired”

Fire in the iris
Glinty steel reflect the light
Cool crystal comfort
Fading to the edge of the night

Meat in the market
Drink from a frothy mug
Feed every hunger
Before giving into the urge

Chorus: So damn tired
Stop eating on me
Cancer, bacterium, amoeba
Spread the disease

Smallest of things
Eat at one’s resolve
Hangnail, hemorrhoid
Pathogens in the blood

Simple brute force
Wage war inside the flesh
Cough syrup, pain pills
Anything to get some rest


Skin flake genetic
Scratching dust to dust
Breathe in each other
Filter cilia lung

Mites in the eyebrow
Culture intestinal walls
Part of the system
As we slowly dissolve


“When You Comin’ Home?”

Baby, baby, baby
When you comin’ home? (2x)
I been waitin’ for you
By the wood fired stove
When you comin’ home?

Darlin’ darlin’ darlin’
Take it easy on me (2x)
I gave you my heart
My eternal soul
When you comin’ home?

Sugah sugah sugah
So pale and pure (2x)
I can hear your cry
On the Nordic winds
When you comin’ home?

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