Monday, October 06, 2003

I had a chance encounter with Jason C. after I finished off a mowing job on Prospect. It was a beautiful fall day today, sunny and kind of faded washed out bleachy fall sky. The trees are changing color, brilliant reds and yellows. The evil smaller waste tree honeysuckles and alders drop their leaves with no pomp. So, I was thinking about Jason and Amy, or not really about them, but about their polydactyl cats, and that I had to cut a small tree down for them. I get done with the lawn, swearing because I had a hell of time setting the wheels to the lowest setting, per my old lady customer’s request, and then it was too low and the mower wouldn’t move and chomped down to dirt a couple times. So I had this red-faced sunnuvabitchin’ time moving the wheels up a notch and cut my finger in the process. Then my arms got all red and welty, eyes itched, from bagging all the grass clippings.

I was impressed with the mower. It bagged an entire can of Red Bull. I threw the can on the edge of the parking lot. I guess I could have thrown it away.

So I finish the job and am on my way back home to pick up a $40 check for my aged particular customer to sign. She sent it a couple weeks ago and forgot to sign it, but I forgive her because she’s got macular degeneration and has to do all her paperwork using this devise that magnifies everything and shows it in black and white on a monitor. I was also going to stop home and grab my bow saw to cut down a tree at Jason and Amy’s. Just when I turn left on a street after finishing a job, there’s Jason in his Geo Metro! I hung out with them for a little while before dinner and cut down their tree. Jason showed me his 1980 Toyota Camry convertible. He said it is the convertible version of the first car he ever owned, and the reason he bought the convertible is because only 4,000 cars were made. Jason likes rare, weird things. That explains the polydactyl cats.

Jason said he heard about polydactyl cats from a web site and decided he wanted a couple. He and Amy plunked down $1,000 total for the their two bobcat-housecat multi-toed freak animals. One was delivered air mail to Rockford Airport. Another they drove down to Missouri to pick up. Some guy’s got a farm down there and raises them. Imagine making a living off bobcat-housecats with extra toes. Now that’s a niche market.

Amy said she spent another $1,000 when Jim, the shy one, came home after being missing for a couple days with maggot-infested wounds and a mangled face. She took it to an emergency vet, who referred her to a animal orthopedic surgeon, who operated on the cat’s jaw, wiring it shut. The surgeon forgot to put one of those plastic collars on it and the cat tore off the wire and had to go back to the vet twice. Amy said the cat’s missing half its teeth.

But it’s got plenty of toes…

“She was into S&M and Bible studies and admitted it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to me…” Belle and Sebastian

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