Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Esther went out to get coffee this morning and stopped at the North End coffee house for the first time. She ordered a couple espressos, something different for a change, and was surprised by the demitasse portions. Pre-caffeinated, she’d forgotten how small an espresso is.

She went to Road Ranger gas station and got a couple cappuccinos as well (she’d have gotten the caps at the coffee house, but didn’t have enough money, and had a free one coming at Road Ranger). I drank most of my espresso and all 20 ounces of my cappuccino, and even though it’s noon I can still feel the rush. "I am cornholio! I need teepee for my bunghole!" It would probably be better for me if I gave up caffeine – better for my mood, hydration, sleep cycle – but I’m caught in this evil cycle of addiction where each morning I wake up craving caffeine’s invigorating elixur.

Todd S. arrived around 5 p.m. Friday. We couldn’t play tennis, as planned, because it was raining, and instead of played music. Todd brought his bongos and our impromptu band, “Tallheaded Woody,” pumped out a few fresh jams, including a Jesus Christ Superstar-inspired paean to trees. After dinner Esther joined in the jam and kept really good time with a bean shaker. Shawn R. also came over, but didn’t join the jam. He messed around on the computer instead.

“Without fail you always ask to get on the Internet when you come over,” I said. He replied, “Without fail you always raid my fridge when you come over." Touche. He got me.

Saturday was sunny and cool. Todd and I went to the Guilford High School tennis center, the crème de la crème (with the cash bar in it) of Rockford tennis. I warmed up extensively because of the cold, stretching, jogging, situps and pushups while Todd used a beach towel to soak up small puddles.

We both played tentative, error-filled tennis. Christian Life High School had a football game nearby. One of the end zones is just outside the court’s fence. When the announcer started to pray, Todd yelled “God sucks!” Then, during the national anthem Todd sang “O, Canada” at the top of his lungs. When the song finished a spectator screamed back, “God Bless America!” Todd, always one to get the last word in, yelled “God bless Canada.”

I won the match, 6-7, 6-4, 7-5.

Mark L. and his wife, Beth, arrived at our apartment at 3 p.m., and we drove in their car to my parent’s house to watch the NIU-Ball State football game. Mom cooked some barbecue and I got the grill going for some slow-cooked baby back ribs. I overindulged on ribs, chips, macaroni salad, cake and beer. NIU lost its first game of the year, 34-18. It wasn’t much of a game after Ball State went up 14-0 in the first three minutes.

The party then moved to Shawn’s apartment for Game Six of the World Series. Carissa and Andy J. joined the festivities around 9 p.m. Andy arrived drunk and continued to whoop it up when he got there. We went for a beer run and when we came back he dumped a case of Miller Lite in the middle of the floor. He randomly blurted “F--- You, man” or “God Bless America” throughout the evening, but everyone was cool with him, a testament to the inherent weirdness and accepting mindset of these friends. Esther drove us home in Andy’s car. Andy opened a bottle of beer in the car. Boy, did Esther get pissed about that! I encouraged Andy to come in, sober up and sleep off his drunk a bit before going home. We got him a blanket, pillow and air mattress, but he stayed all of 20 minutes before staggering off into the night. I didn’t see his name in the paper Monday. Dude’s setting himself up for a DUI or worse.

“An ounce of convention is worth a pound of primaries – Arnold H. Glasgow” The King Features cryptoquote in today’s Rockford Register Star.

Yesterday I was depressed. It was cloudy, cold and the kids in my afternoon classes at Auburn were lil’ bastards. The day started out well enough, but as the morning went on I felt heavy and dense and filled with a non-definable malaise. I know why I feel this way. The baseball season is over. Daylight savings time is in effect, and it gets dark before 5 p.m. I was also psychically hungover from the wild weekend of active socializing. Just because I know the feeling doesn’t make it go away… Well, it kind of does…

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