Thursday, August 21, 2003

My mind has difficulty working as it dredges through the sludge of this morning's substitute teacher orientation meeting. I went because the district paid me. An elementary teacher gave tips on how to fill in extra time in the day and gain the discipline and respect of the students. "Instead of criticizing one child's behavior, compliment the kind behavior of the child next to him." As banal as this advice may be, it is true. I learned a lot about child manipulation, er, psychology teaching last year.

The hot, hot, humid 95-degree weather has sapped my strength. Being at the library should resuscitate me, but the cooler environment is offset by the serenity of the library. Jason, the guy fixing my computer, didn't have it ready for me, but said he would drop it off Friday. I don't mind. The only thing I absolutely need the computer for is to work on the layout for a prospective newsletter for the Rock County Chapter of the Ice Age Trail. I also need to call Kangaroo Knickreim, the washboard player for the Piper Spring Bluegrass Band, and see if we can book the band for the November or December fundraiser concert. Ah... volunteerism.

This weekend Esther and I are doing trail work in Milton. We're supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, so hopefully by Saturday things will cool off a bit.

Last night we went to LT's for our usual Wednesday night wingie thingie. Molly Butz got mad at me for saying the Wings get-together is a show of "dork solidarity," as I called it my Aug. 12 blog entry. She said she is not a dork, nor never was a dork. Then she said she was the conductor in her marching band. Dork! After she stopped yelling at me I thanked her for even reading this blog. I write in this with no sense of audience, no agenda, with little or no regard for anything. Actually, it is a kind of warmup exercise for my creative writing, and follows after I send e-mails.

I'm trying to be more regular about the blog. So far this is three days in a row. Whoo hoo. I read this article in the Chicago Tribune about woman bloggers, and this one lady said she hasn't missed a day of blogging in over three years. I would also like to add photos and permanent links to some of my favorite sites, but don't want to pay extra for the privilege of adding this service. I'm bad for the economy. I spend very little money for the privilege of being connected in the e-world.

Last night I stepped outside the bar and watched storm clouds gather for what I hoped would be a torrential downpour. The wind picked up, lightning flashed, yada yada, and then these purple clouds billowed forth in umbilical waves. I love to watch storms, but I notice that a lot of other people freak out when weather strikes, as if they can't turn off their burrowing instinct, as if civilization and all its protective constructs never existed. And then there's the other extreme, the meteorologist freaks, like Todd's buddy Gilbert, who have weather radios and the Weather Channel always on, who drop trou at the mention of Doppler Radar. I'm one of those types that can tell the weather from the shapes of the clouds. When you've watched as many storms roll in as I have, you get a knack for how the whole pattern works.

I'm feeling very mellow and low-key the past week, as if the lack of labor is making me laconic. That, or the heat... Not in a bad mood. Excited about the start of the school year next week. Looking forward to the week-long hike in a couple weeks and more grand adventures in 2005. Must live in the now, the now, now, brown cow.

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