Sunday, August 31, 2003

In Chicago on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Police sirens and wet traffic sounds outside my brother-in-law Carl's window. Carl moved to Chicago from Nashville a little over a month ago for an internship at a mastering studio, but he has since been let go from it. He works at a Walmart in Niles stocking shelves third shift and lives the hermit life. Esther and he are chatting it up in the other room.

Carl's website is It is a comprehensive web fanzine devoted to music that accompanies video games. This is Carl's hobby-turned-obsession. He said he would like to take video game music not released on CD, re-master it himself and use it as a demo to promote his mixing services. Around this keyboard are piles of jewel cases with anime artwork on the covers, blinking, round-eyed, comic book slender vixens. The music is innocuous enough -- think japanese kabuki lounge music -- keyboards, drum machine beat, electronica cum soft adult contemporary rock.

Last night we went to Pili Pili where trailfriend Aswah, Francois de Melogue, is the chef. Ahhh... I'll tell more later. The Cubs are playing.

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