Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I watched a Cubs game this afternoon in a dream, in and out, as they lost to the Giants. Dad was in the easy chair near the window. He moved it upstairs because after bypass surgery he had a hard time getting up and down the stairs. He’s got circulation problems in his legs because of the veins they took out to put in his heart. And earlier in the week he had a liter drained from his lungs. When he got out of the hospital they gave him a plastic devise that’s got a ping pong ball and tube to breathe in. He hasn’t used it since a few days after he got out of the hospital. The only good thing to say about this ordeal is he lost weight.

I mowed a killer lawn today out on Burden Road in Machesney Park. It is a house surrounded by industry, but the next door neighbor has a nicely painted red barn out of sight of the road. I looked across a field to the east from the back of the property I mowed and could see the red aluminum roof and building where my friend York worked. His dad sold the business a few years ago and retired. I haven’t seen York since the 2002 Show of Shows. I remind myself to call my old friend, but don’t really feel like it.

The lawn was overgrown, bumpy, rocky, full of sticks. Trees bordered the entire property. The grass hadn’t been mowed in about a month, and the guy is paying me $50 to mow it twice. As my mower clanked some newfound debris, I thought, “I should have charged $10 more.” I’m gonna need to replace my blade soon. I want to have two blades anyhow. One newer for yards that aren’t too sticky and my original beat up one for the Larson’s and other sumbitch properties. That’s what I’ll the blade, Sumbitch. Something phallic and manly and Arthurian about naming a blade, even the lowly lawnmower is bestowed with a mantle.

All this lawnmowing of late is wearing me out. I was a bit mellow at Wings. We were disciplined. Our bill only came to $18, with tip and pool quarters, $30. I made some good cut shots as I continue to get better at pool. Esther is improving too. She showed her competitive side kicking Jason’s ass in thumb war. When she won she whooped and hollered and slapped me a high five. She whooped moments earlier when she and I beat Jason (Lucifer, online handle, so we all call him Lucy) and Woodie (Wes) at pool. She always has been something of a tomboy. Esther likes to say she and I have a good balance of feminine and masculine traits. She’s competitive. I share my feelings. It all works out.

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