Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Saturday Sisu and I were driving across town when a guy zooms up and rides the ass of the car next to us. I made eye contact with the driver and said "asshole." This infuriated him and he slowed down and zoomed behind me, then passed using a left turn lane. After he passed I pushed on the brakes and got in front of me and drove slow. Each time I tried to pass he ssssssssssssswerved to hit me. He then slammed on the brakes and stopped. He got out ready to fight, but once he got a look at me it became a yelling match.

I feel guilty inviting this troubled man's wrath because I did something truly hateful calling him an asshole. I can't remember the last time, if ever, I made eye contact with somebody and said that. But it felt good, telling it like it truly is with venomous and spiteful honesty. I'm glad he was smaller than me and didn't have a gun!

My dad's in the hospital. He just had two more stents put into his heart, and the first stent he had put in five years ago. He's 67, has bad eating habits, and doesn't exercise except for two days a week at when he pushes people around in wheelchairs at Swedish American Hospital. He's something of a hypochondriac, and can afford to be because he's got free medical care through his military pension plan. So he's never had a heart attack. Any slight twinge and he's off to the clinic just up the street.

I've been doing a lot of my work on the trail stories in the library at Kishwaukee Elementary School. If not there, then the Rockford Public Library. Did you know I am editing the first ever guidebook for the Ice Age Trail and writing its introduction? The project is spearheaded by Sharon Dzjiengel, who has thru-hiked the AT, CDT, Long Trail, Superior Hiking Trail, and is the first woman to solo thru-hike the Ice Age Trail. She compiled all the town and road walk information (which is a lot, considering all the gaps in the Ice Age Trail). Each of the individual chapters provide descriptions of the trail. It has been my job to edit the amateur writing of Sharon and 20+ chapter coordinators. I don't know what the print run will be, but it will be distributed all over Wisconsin and available on Amazon.com and/or the Ice Age Trail website. It will be the first "book" I've had my name associated with and my first editing credit. I feel little pressure from this first-time experience because it's a slower pace than a daily newspaper.

I watched my first spring training game Saturday as the Cubs beat the White Sox, 3-2. I kept score, and it was a challenge with all the substitutions, but an exciting finish as a bunch of no-name Cubs tied and then won the game in the bottom of the ninth inning. Seeing baseball invigorated me for the coming season and, as always, I'm hopeful for the Cubs.

I've decided to keep score for every game I follow this summer. I kept score for 26 games in 2001, but only 5 last year. This year I'm getting back into form because I took the time to look through the 2001 book recently and had many good baseball memories revived.

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