Sunday, February 02, 2003

Assissim burget vibuscum!! Shadrach meshach and abednego! Stoomish woomish foomish koom. BOOM!!!

I love word play, just messing with syntax. I’m tired, so will be brief. This weekend was all about visiting with trail friends and family. Saturday we hiked in Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin with Mobile Skills Crew buddies from the Ice Age Trail. We hiked a section we’ve worked on, along with an escarpment trail overlooking the aforementioned Devil’s Lake. It was funny, we hiked next to cross country ski tracks, and saw the drama of a crash unfold on a downhill as the tread led directly to a tree. Pieces of bark were on the ground, along with the unfortunate skiers’ butt prints.

We visited with my brother Mike at my parent’s place until midnight. Today was gray jay dreary and warm. It’s supposed to get up in the 40s tomorrow and Tuesday before dipping into the teens for highs Wednesday. Today is Groundhog Day, or Candlemas day. We are officially halfway through winter. And it’s a slushy world out there. After a nice visit at the Larson’s this afternoon we came back to my parent’s place for dinner, and my brother Ken, who has lived almost exclusively in Europe for 14 years is back in the United States, ostensibly, to stay. He says he may fly back to London Wednesday to tie up some loose ends, including dental work and upgrades to the Paris apartment he’s renting out. He’s not sure if he’s going or not.

Tomorrow night I’ve got an audition for the Rock Valley Community Chorus. And I still got this nasty cold robbing all force from my voice. Esther and I just worked on a tune and we’re both froggy. Probably because by our bodies’ reckoning, it is late. Which reminds me…

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