Monday, February 03, 2003

Another gray, dreary, nasty early February day in the Stateline area. And it’s Monday on top of that. The kids were feeling kind of surly. Later, after 12:30 p.m., I had only half a gym to work with because the Vietnamese children are working on a Tet celebration for Wednesday, including a dance routine, drumming and a marching dragon. I enjoyed listening to the music through the divider wall. Hopefully, I’ll get to see it Wednesday.

Esther and I have an audition for the Rock Valley College Community choir at 6 p.m. We worked through a song, “The Lord Has a Will,” that showcases our range and ability to harmonize above and below each other. It is a song from our Antigo days, the last times we were involved with any groups musically. The college choir, along with my open stages, is an attempt to return to our love of music. Esther and I are both aberrations in that we are the only ones with any musical inclination on either side of our families. I just now came to that revelation. Oh, wait. Esther’s mother likes to sing. Nix that revelation.

I was just on a chat room at I was led to this web site by the people we hang with at Wednesday Wings. We got into this clique through Mike and Molly Butz. Esther and I attended North Love Christian School with Mike back when we were 4 and 5. I also went to high school and college with Mike, but we were never close. Our lives were twined again when Mike dated Esther’s good friend, Traci Thomas, but they broke up. I didn’t see Mike again until my 10 year high school reunion. His wife, Molly, worked at the Beloit Daily News, and clued me into the reporter’s position open there. She invited us to Wednesday Wings at LT’s. The group they hang with at LT’s chats at Enough background.

Everybody in the chat room got to talking about childhood, and growing up in Rockford and watching the Mr. Moustache Show. Wes, the guy who runs, said he won the ping pong challenge, where you huff and puff against another competitor to blow a ping pong ball into a goal. He said he wore a Fonzie t-shirt and stuck his thumb up in the air after victory. Sweetpea/Amy said Mr. Moustache played in her dad’s softball league and she thought it sacrilegious to see him drinking a beer at the game. Classic.

We also talked about cool lunch boxes and how the thermos always leaked. And who could forget Captain Kangaroo and the Electric Company. All that reminiscing helped me forget the gray slushy yuck reality for a moment.

Well, I must be off to pick up Esther. Then it’s on to Rock Valley College, a flashback in itself, where I attended 10 years ago and fell in love with my wife. Must be the theme of my day. Antigo song, Rock Valley College, Mr. Moustache, Fonzie… Sweet reminiscence.

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