Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Another cool, sunny winter day. Frost on the northern window occludes my view of the livery bricks.

I got the day off work. Return tomorrow to share gym class with Mr. Pirrello? We’ll see. Future uncertain, tomorrow unseen. Spending today writing and editing. Still working on Hog Greer. The historian side of me wants to dig deeper. Like the village scene. I want to include authentic details from a village of that era. I don’t want to put Hog Greer on the backburner, but he does need work.

I’ve got 11 more counties to edit for the Ice Age Trail guidebook and plan to contribute an article as well. My personal deadline is March 1. I would also like two more short stories before then. I spend at least a half an hour a day writing straight fiction, but am hesitant and unsure of myself. My editor side is a bit stifling at times. Good creative writing flows, and for it to flow it has to be free. My best writing is often quickest. It is often adorned with misspellings and context errors, but it retains an energy. The editor side is slow and methodical, more interested in rules and continuity. I need to turn off that little voice that tells me “no.”

Tuesday’s choir practice went well. I still felt a little rusty, but got into it after the first 20 minutes. My voice needs better training to jump across the scale. I can’t jump from high to low to high with pitch perfect accuracy. But two or three times through a part and I’ve got it down. I’ve never had a difficult time learning voice parts. I love being bass two. The bronchial rattle of a low note. I could always learn to play bass in a band. But rhythm guitar appeals too. I’m not dexterous enough for lead.

Sun’s sinking. I need a walk.

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