Thursday, January 23, 2003

So why has the ranting Raru man been ever-so-absent from the Online Scene?!! Because Mr. Natural Man computo-illiterate got a notice that his C-drive was full, so he monkeyed around all willy-nilly removing stuff from said C-drive to free up space. After his rampage through file-land, Natural Man found when he booted up again that he could (A) not access his CD burner, and (B) not access his Internet. After more rampaging around reading files and codes and much swearing and gnashing of teeth, he got the CD burner back again, but no luck with Internet. Hence his post here at civilization's savior, the Rockford Public Library.

What has life been like since I last posted? The Reader's Digest version as follows:

Friday -- Esther and I had dinner with Susie Hofer and Shawn (Goat) at Shawn's place. Shawn cooked a London broil with an awesome green sauce and veggies. We brought a salad and Susie dessert. For drinks we had wine (chardonnay), Hennessy cognac, Lindeman's Framboisie Belgian ale, and Susie brought a chocolate chip cookie dough-flavored cordial, which she served with chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm. Chocolate heaven. Afterwards, we went to Colonial Village and watched "Bowling for Columbine," the latest Michael Moore documentary. Much food for thought on the gun control debate.

Saturday -- We attended a peace rally in the morning and early afternoon, protesting the revenge crap Dubya's trying to pull in the Middle East. Saddam's an ass, I do agree, but whenever we've gone to war (or at least full-scale mass troop movement war) there has been a call to arms. What will the current call to arms be? The State of the Onion address is coming soon. I wanna know. Give me evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

We froze our booties off sticking out the peace sign at the corner of East State and Alpine, and a bunch of people said they saw us on the evening snooze. The event was hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Church and the Rockford Peace, Justice and Action committee. In the evening we went to DeKalb for much booze, eating and cavorting with former members of "the profligate crew" Arbo and Ron.

Sunday -- Surprised myself by not getting a hangover or throwing up after evening of vice in which I guess I delved into double digit land. But it was good beer (Guinness and Hacker-Pschorr) and cognac I imbibed, so that could be the difference. Still, I was sluggo-headed all day, which was pleasant because all I did was watch the NFC and AFC championship games. Jim Nance rules. In pre-season he predicted an Oakland-Tampa Bay Super Bowl matchup.

Monday -- Andy Jestafie and I went on an 8-mile hike along the Ice Age Trail in Walworth County from Highway 12 to Duffin Road and back. Very cool terrain with a boardwalk through a cat-tail marsh, a view of a lakeshore from a grassy bluff, a woods walk above deep kettle bowls and pleasant sunshine with temps in the teens. It was Andy's first hike ever on the Ice Age Trail, and he was exposed to a great example of it. As was I.

Tuesday -- Back to work. Library in the evening.. Nothing great to say about this day.

Wednesday -- More of the same. Opted out of Wednesday wings at LTs because I spent too much money this weekend. Got lots of grocery shopping done with visits to the 320 Store (fruits and veggies), Pinnon's (meat), Eagle Supermarket (coffee, bread, beer, avocado), and Aldi (other stuff). Also got the oil changed. Had chili for dinner on a very cold night and watched "Rain Man." Esther's never seen it, and I hadn't since it was in theaters in 1988. Now she knows what I mean when I say "I'm an excellent driver."

Which brings us up to snuff... I'll try to be more regular once I give those ol' Netzero Boyz a call and figger out what's wrong and why I'm getting zero net at home. The library puter's telling me I got five minutes left. Gottago....

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