Friday, December 06, 2002

There was this moment today when I realized my decision to quit the newspaper was a good one. Today is Friday, and this morning I was thinking how cool it was to be Friday, and that the weekend was finally here. But it doesn't feel so important anymore, this end-of-the-week distinction that Friday, no, FRIDAY!!, brings. This is because I don't have a job that exasperates me anymore. I'm like the rest of the troglodyte world, putting in my hours and, shoot, even having a little fun in the bargain. Instead of focusing all that mental energy into newspaper stories, I write poetry, songs, short stories, cook well-thought-out meals, walk with a little more bounce in my step, have the energy to stay committed to a steady work out program. My mind is engaged as much as it was before, but now into things that I'm interested in. County Board meetings and press conferences for the opening of collection agencies be damned.

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