Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Today is so beautiful fall glorious I think I'll take a bike ride in the 4 p.m. dusk. It's supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend, highs in the 50s and 60s. I sure hope so. I've got nothing concrete planned for the first time in what seems like months, and maybe a road trip or tour of county forest preserves is in order. Certainly would like to spend some time outdoors. Isn't that surprising?

I let the third and fourth graders have free reign in gym class. The only caveat is they had to stay in the gym and the only thing I let them play with is basketballs. Watched as a group of six to eight tried to form teams, endlessly bickering over who should be on what team, kids quit in disgust, turn around and want back in, disrupting the selection. This went on for 15 minutes and teams never did get formed. That's the product of the Game Boy generation. No attention spans to stick to any task at hand, and a me me me intractable mentality. I read a great quote from Lao Tzu this morning: "Guard the senses/and life is ever full.../ Always be busy/ and life is beyond hope." Lao Tzu, which sounds like it would be a spicy take-out dish, was a philosopher from 2,500 years ago. The 21st century mind regards 100 years ago as quiet and quaint. Think what 'ol Lao would think of modern society. He'd probably shut himself off in a monastery.

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