Sunday, November 24, 2002

I told myself I'd come back and edit the previous entry, but no, I'll leave it as a reminder to myself. Scatalogical, indeed. That sometimes happens when I drink too much coffee or havea big meal or snow is flying in light collecting flakes outside my window. See, there I go again.

Summary of previous entry. I saw an old friend and his wife and was treated very nicely by their friends and family, even though I made a fool of myself on dance floor.

Esther and I listened to NPR this morning and they had this guy on talking about common themes in old time country music. One is the "He's in the Jailhouse Now" theme of the errant drifter vagabond ne'er do well who shirks responsilbity. Another common theme is one of religious faith that endures hardship. I think I am something of a strange synthesis of the wandering minstrel and the faithful one. An amalgum of Hank Williams Sr. and the Carter family. Don't ask me. I don't know much about country music, just that I prefer old time country over Faith Hill and Shania Twain. And that I like to wander, but remain rooted to spouse and family and old friends. And am being torn apart by the opposite desires of my heart.

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