Friday, October 18, 2002

Today is a caffeine day. Had a cappuccino in the morning after aerobics. Then when I went grocery shopping impulse bought a Pepsi Lemon Twist. Didn't corn-holio or anything. My eyeballs feel kind of dry. I got three songs memorized on guitar. "Space Oddity," "Man Who Sold The World," and "Hotel California." Almost got The Church tune, "Under the Milky Way" tune memorized. They're all easy. But I'm not trying to showcase my playing prowess, because I have none. Want to draw attention to my vocal chops. Think I got a good singing voice, kind of Jim Morrison meets Brad Roberts, with good falsetto thrown in. So if anybody wants a solid baritone who can write lyrics in their band, send me a line at

Spent $100 at the grocery store, enough to last two weeks. It would have cost about $30 less, but I had to buy some mondo feminine supplies for Esther, expensive Sensodyne toothpaste, batteries, etc. Didn't have to dip into savings after all. Deposited an insurance settlement check from when that guy rear-ended me a couple weeks ago. Taking the car into the shop early next week. Gonna try some Swede guy, Carlson Automotive, I think, on Forest Hills Road not far from my parent's place. Dad Larson recommended it. Said the people that own it go to Forest Hills Evangelical Free Church, the same church Esther attended since childhood and we were married in, the orange juicer looking church on top of the hill above the bubble gum factory. The same bubble gum factory (I used to call it Warner Lambert, but that was two names ago. The name out front says Adams) I worked in the cafeteria for in 1991-92 and in the actual bubble gum part the summer of 1994. Mom Locascio worked in the cafeteria on and off, mostly on, from 1967 until last month, when she retired.

Last week when I rode my bike through Loves Park I could smell the familiar sweet sugary smell from the factory. And I thought of my cousin Jerry, who has a successful auto shop in the shadows of the factory, the last place I saw my beloved car Beast, a 1985 Chevy Caprice, which blew a rod on the way over to Jerry's shop. But I also thought of my mother, and in the late afternoon light memories of childhood, smelling same sugary smell on my mother when she came from work late, especially in the white hairnet she'd toss on the counter or have stashed between the seats of the car. When Mom dies (hopefully not for a long time) that sugary bubble gum smell will always remind me of her. For my Dad, it will be the sound of big band music, because that's what he always played on AM 1330 when I was a kid and we took car rides together. That and cheesy westerns.

What outside devices remind people of me?

Back to grocery experience. Esther asked me to get her tampons and panty liners. And instead of being embarassed, I proudly displayed the 156 count huge box of panty liners. Yup, guys, I may be buying this stuff. That just means I got the nooky going on. I used to give Esther grief about buying feminine products. To get back at her I asked her to buy condoms and hemorrhoid cream. She didn't complain.

Today was cloudy and cold. The only sun I saw was a brief break in the clouds coming out of mega-market Woodman's. Tried a new tightwad experiment and chopped up a cucumber and put it in pickle jar with leftover juice in it. Read in the Tightwadder's Gazette the added cucumbers will taste like pickles in a couple days. Next week I plan to try the beer can chicken recipe found in a book loaned to me by upstairs neighbor Eric. Spent more than $20 on meat, including whole chicken, chicken wings, ground chuck beef, baby back ribs, turkey burger and whiting fillets. Got my share of veggies and fruits, too. My eating experiences are warped by knowledge of all the insidious techniques, from hormone treatments, antibiotic infusions, genetic engineering, etc. the agriculture INDUSTRY does to make food processing more efficient. People were better off in hunter/gatherer societies. They didn't live as long, but they lived well and honestly.

Well, it is time to make dinner, and then it's off to Devil's Lake State Park for the last Mobile Skills Crew work weekend of 2002! Whoo Hoo Ha Ha Ha

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