Thursday, September 26, 2002

More than a month gone by and here I am, ten pounds lighter and bearded. I have not showered in two days, despite a heavy workout this morning. Got the krusties. My socks are brown and loose, like a favorite pair of blue jeans. I had my first workout at the YMCA today. God, those fitness freaks are such narcissisists. "But staring in the mirror when I lift just helps my form!" Bull. Vanity smurf. And I'm a wimp. They got these machines where all you gotta do is sit on it and punch in the weight on a keypad. All lights and beeping noises/ The machines are in a circuit, the idiot's guide to total body workout. I only made it halfway through before all twitchy arm and legged giving up. I could just see old no-neck in the corner looking at me in the reflection in the mirror. Nah! He's focused on his reps, his form.

Beautiful day. Noticed how the squirrels round here in Rockford, IL, the Forest City, are mutant size large. Never seen bigger squirrels anywhere else. They import our squirrels to other places to bully the rest into submission. Ours is the red squirrel. Saw a pair of dark brown, almost black, squirrels (still mutant size) near the Rock River on my bike ride this afternoon.

Hung out with Shawn Robinson tonight, my old friend and roommate from college. I played a keyboard loaned to me from another college friend, Ron Heinscher, plugged into Shawn's guitar amp. Shawn has another amp he never uses, and I hoped to borrow it for the keyboard, but it doesn't work. Explains why Shawn never uses it. We had a very mellow get-together. I fell asleep, slumped sitting up in a chair, watching the original 1931 "Dracula" with a musical score by Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet. It was a promotional copy, so every few minutes "property of Universal" text would scroll across the screen, along with an 800 number to call if you've rented or purchased this film. I don't know if I like the movie with a soundtrack. I still fell asleep. No bite marks on my neck upon awakening, although Shawn hovered over me with a glass of grape juice. Mwu-ha-ha-ha.

"I don't drink... blood."

"You have certainly obtained a lot of knowledge for one who has lived but one lifetime, Dr. Van Helsing." Good old heroin addict Lugosi.

Had a mortality moment as Shawn and I noticed how beautiful Helen Chandler (Mina) and Frances Dade (Lucy) looked. Then Shawn, typically blunt, but correct Shawn, said, "They're all dead." Either that or they're old, really, really, undead old. Ah, this frail body, this temporary vessel, but made of eternal substance which lives on after consciousness ceases.

It's actually early morning Thursday. My how the week flies by, even when unemployed. I kept busy today burning compact discs, reading Chuck Palahniuk's (author of Fight Club) book, Choke, and entering journal entries from my recent trip on the Superior Hiking Trail. Just realized how freakin tired I am. Off to beddy bye. Lovely wife is already asleep. She spent the evening with friends from work, engaging in a trio of vices: television, drink and gossip.

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