Sunday, August 18, 2002

Update on events. Last night I got together with Andy Jestafie for the first time in over six weeks and we listened to some cool tunes and talked while splitting a liter bottle of Captain Morgan's. I've never been that much a rum drinker before, but I like the Captain and did not wake up with a hang over. I fell asleep for a little while on the back porch, lulled to drunken slumber by the cool evening and the whine of cicadas. No hangover this morning, though. Surprising. I usually pay a high price for such fun.

During the course of the evening I was on call from work because the State of Wisconsin v. Tywon Barber trial was still in jury deliberation. Half-lit already, I received a call from a guard at the Rock County Courthouse that a jury declared Barber not guilty. I called Barber's mother and got a few quotes from her and then proceeded to write the story. Got it sent out within an hour, efficient with a buzz.

A word about Andy. He is a friend from drum and bugle corps days and we've known each other since I was 13. A nice enough guy, to be sure, a little old world, a little simple minded, but can surprise one with his recall of events, statistics and quotations. Has a good head for music. That's why we remain friends. We like to listen to music together. He likes to camp, but camps alone, usually, car camping with a big mildewy canvas tent you can stand up in. Andy tends to bring out the bully in me because he is a skinny and slight man with low self-esteem. When he gets a drunk on he can get pretty depressed and bitter. Often, when he greets me he wears a scowl. That is the expression he wore when he came over last night. But he cheered up and we had a good time. I did my best to keep my bully side in check.

Today went to a picnic for Forest Hill Evangelical Free Church. We don't attend there anymore, but it was free food. Also saw my brother Ken for the first time in months. He is home from Paris for three weeks as he looks for work in the Chicago area. He showed me some beautiful photographs from his recent trip to Corsica and also brought a stack of pics from his summer tour of Scandinavia. From what I've seen, it's beautiful stuff. He and I share a similar ethos -- experience in lieu of acquisition.

I also worked with my mother to sew a tarp. It took hours for me to learn sewing machine basics, like how to thread the needle and load up the bobbin. I also practiced a perimeter hem seam and folded hem. Still don't quite have it right. But we cut the shape of my tarp and sewed the two pieces together. Tomorrow I do the perimeter hem and hope to finish the tarp before the weekend is finished.

My allergies were HORRIBLE today. Many many sneezing fits followed by runny runny nose all salt and water and irritation. Felt like there was a feather up my nose. Midafternoon I took two benadryl, found in the basement that had expired in 1998 (my mother works for the same company that makes it and has a huge backlog supply). I took two of those and they knocked me out. I had to be practically shaken awake to eat dinner. I fell asleep sitting up on the couch in the spare bedroom watching U.S. Marshalls with Dad and Ken.

I am also happy to report my brother Mike got a job. He starts Monday and will be staying at an extended stay motel in Fort Wayne, Ind. until he can get a permanent place. I'm very happy for him. It has been more than six months since he last worked. Hope this job lasts and he can get back on his feet. He'll never be able to control his finances - that's too much to ask - but I'm glad he is making his earning potential again as a pro-e draftsman. Don't ask me what he does. He draws parts for engineers, and that's about the gist of it.

It's late now. Actually early Sunday morning. I'm probably only awake because of the benadryl-induced nap earlier this evening. Tomorrow it is back at the big sewing project. Yippee!

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