Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Just got back from a bike ride. It's very humid. My back is wet. Esther and I rode along the river and the insects swarmed in spots, pelting like little pinpricks. We move to fast for proboscises to find purchase. We just got these fancy lights for our bike so we can be seen riding at night. I put them to the test all confident. Wore black shirt, shorts, but white shoes. The rear lights flashes. The front light just has a low beam and high beam.
I was in court today at the Rock County Courthouse. I think people make bad fashion decisions before they break the law. There was this one skinny bleach blonde woman in there with her two kids and slacker boyfriend. I knew it was her boyfriend because he refused to discipline the children and the little boy called him by his first name. I could be wrong. But the woman had a cheeseball tattoo of the yin-yang symbol, as large as a drink coaster, on her neck. She had another indistinguishable tattoo on the webbing of her thumb. And then there was Angie, or at least that's what I think her name is. That's what she had tattooed on her arm. Angie also had a small heart on her ample, nearly exposed breasts. I was there to report on a sentencing hearing for a former Beloit City Councilman who was arrested for drunk driving after he was caught sleeping off a drunk in his car, which was parked in the post office. I picked him out of the crowd. He looked clean cut and professional. I ended up meeting him in the washroom afterwards. Struck up a conversation as I pushed urine out of me. I tried to act all casual, but it was difficult. To him, I was the enemy, exposing his misdeeds to the light. But we talked out in the lobby and he told me he turned his life around, admitted to being an alcoholic and having a relapse. Said he was going through a messy divorce at the time. Said he was remarried now. I was upset because the judge delayed his sentencing to Sept. 12. I wasted an hour and a half of my time observing the Rock County riff raff being shuffled through a legal system they can't even begin to understand.
There was this one with a series of charges (Judge holds up case files dictionary thick, takes a breath as he lists case numbers) who tried to ask for lenience after he missed a court date. I could hardly understand him as he pleaded. I looked over at the public defenders sitting in the jury box waiting for their time before the judge. They looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Cynicism. Meat market system. Only the judge seemed to be in a good mood. Above it all. As the incomprehensible one was being led away he turned around and yelled out to a woman in the gallery. An "I Love You" babe before orange jumpsuited he was pushed through a side door by a stone-faced bailiff.
Today has been a good eating day. I did not eat any junk food nor drink any soda. I was cranky and tired and had a headache this morning. Recent relapse to caffeine, especially over work crew weekend. Withdrawal is a bitch. But I ate plenty of fruit, had a light lunch, light dinner. Went for the bike ride. I still got my gut, but if I can string together a few months of days like this I'll be a perfect man.

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